SOIT FireSecure

“Firewalls and other security solutions are in place and we are protected” is one of the biggest Cyber-Myths.

Research from Gartner suggests that, by 2020, 99% of firewall breaches will be caused by simple firewall misconfigurations, not flaws. Not just misconfiguration which leads to major security problems, unpatched or poorly maintained security products are also a major threat to the organization.

Even though organizations are investing thousands of pounds in the best-of-breed security products like Next-Gen Firewall’s, UTM, Web and Email Gateways, by not managing and configuring them correctly, the likelihood of a successful cyber-attack increase exponentially.

Firewalls have become the victim of their own success. They are the first line of defense for any business network, examining an endless stream of network traffic against a set of established policies. Over the time, firewall complexity increases with the exponential growth of applications in a network. In a typical organization today, a single firewall may be configured with hundreds of objects and rules to define web & application access policies, network access and protection policies, allowed services, routing rules, and more. Maintaining good firewall configurations is a difficult challenge for even the most experienced network administrator. Even a single firewall misconfiguration can result in a devastating impact on the organization, network availability, or regulatory compliance issue. With the increasing firewall rule base, it is difficult for any IT team to examine firewalls effectively and manage firewalls to ensure that the organization network is protected and in compliance.

Right tools for the job!

While the security products are vital to secure the network and data but these are merely a tool. Most SME’s do not have the right skill set to ensure that the product implemented is configured and setup to the best of the products abilities and industry practices.

We at SOIT have designed a unique consultancy service offering called “SOIT FireSecure” to ensure that Next-Gen Firewall / UTM devices are Audited, Reported and Secured by our highly skilled network security experts. FireSecure offers comprehensive auditing, detailed reporting, and consultancy-led remediation services.