Leaders in cyber intelligent business solutions

The World Economic Forum identifies The Fourth Industrial Revolution as a new chapter in human development. It is enabled by extraordinary technological advancements which create both “huge promise” and “potential peril”.

Established in 2003, SOIT Business Solutions combines, People, Process and Technology to deliver cyber intelligent business solutions globally to augment business processes, “huge promise” and or to mitigate business risk, “potential peril”.

Why choose SOIT?

Our approach is simple. We analyse your business to identify current and potential issues as well as areas that need improvement in the field of IT. We then advise on a way forward in terms of modification, implementation and deployment of relevant business solutions. Our clients can benefit from:

Save money

Don’t let cyber attacks have a huge financial impact on your company.

Prevent data loss

Don’t risk losing your data due to human error or cybercrime.

Protect your brand

Don’t lose customers by failing to take your security seriously.

SOIT Business Solutions

We offer the following services to our clients:

Digital Forensics & Investigations

At SOIT, we use the best industry tools to assist corporate and legal investigators complete comprehensive, forensically sound investigations with reports on findings while maintaining the data integrity.

Managed Security Services

Our Managed Security Platform scans your entire network and presents a dollar-based risk assessment based on vulnerabilities and sensitive, unsecured data. We provide comprehensive, layered security solutions to protect clients from all angles of attacks.

Data Recovery Services

Our data recovery services are designed to prevent and reduce the impact of data loss, whether caused by accidental deletion or by malicious cyber behaviour. In the event where data has been deleted or lost, our solutions can recover this lost data from various media sources.

Training Services

Developed with international expertise and used by major corporations and universities worldwide, we have over 200 courses designed to take you to your next page of success.

Custom Solutions

No business is the same. You need custom solutions to match your business needs. SOIT Business Solutions offers a diversified range of conventional, yet professional, services ranging from network design and deployment to custom application development.

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