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It’s time to take network security seriously

Is your company’s network protected? 

Simply having firewalls and other security solutions set up isn’t enough. For total security, you need the help of network security experts.

Misconfigurations are the biggest cause for concern

Security misconfiguration is the failure to implement security controls or implementing security controls with errors. This leaves your network open to security risks.

Research from Gartner states that in 2023, misconfigurations – not flaws – will cause 99% of firewall breaches. But, misconfiguration is not the only thing that leads to major security problems. Poorly maintained security products are also a major threat to your company.

Your company can invest thousands of rands in the best-of-breed security products, such as email gateways and next-generation firewalls. But, if these products are not managed or configured correctly, the chances of a breach in security increase rampantly.

The threat landscape is constantly changing

Firewalls are the first line of defence for any business network. They screen out viruses, worms, malware and hackers that try to reach your computer over the internet or through network traffic. Your firewall complexity needs to increase with and adapt to the growth of your network applications.

Ensuring good firewall configurations is challenging for even the most experienced security administrators. Just one firewall misconfiguration can have a serious impact on your company, regulatory compliance and network availability.

You need more than just the right tools for the job!

Security products are crucial when it comes to securing your network and data. However, these products are just tools. Most businesses don’t have the right skill set to ensure that the security products implemented are:

  • Configured correctly
  • Set up to industry standards
  • Set up to the best of the products’ abilities

SOIT has designed a unique consultancy service offering called “SOIT FireSecure”. We ensure that your devices are secured, audited and reported by our highly skilled network security experts.

SOIT’s highly skilled network security experts aim to discover and evaluate the need for improvement or corrective action for your security systems. We have designed a failproof, comprehensive auditing process to ensure that your security products are highly effective and fully compliant with industry standards.

Our security auditing process incorporates the following:

  • Extensive Firewall auditing
  • Review of security configuration, including:
    • Firewall rules
    • Content filters
    • Password management
    • Device access policies
    • Anti-spam/ anti-malware policies
    • Anti-spoofing protection
    • Logging and reporting
    • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Identifying redundant firewall policies and unused rules to simplify security configuration
  • Identifying any gaps in compliance
  • Comparing configurations to the best industry standards
  • Identifying policy violations that may cause security breaches

After completing the security auditing process, we provide you with a detailed report to show you key findings, the current state of your device security as well as remediation recommendations.

Our audit reports contain the following information:

  • Executive summary
  • Comprehensive information regarding all non-compliant configuration objects
    • Description
    • Severity
    • Reference information (policy name, rule-ID, etc.)
    • Remediation recommendations

Remediation is the most crucial phase of the SOIT FireSecure product. Our experts determine what actions will be taken in response to the auditing results.

We offer consultancy-led remediation, which includes the following:

  • To help you understand the impact of each suggested configuration change as well as prioritise them in accordance with compliance requirements.
  • We develop an implantation schedule using Cloud24x7, ensuring:
    • Minimal downtime
    • Effective rollback strategy
    • Authorisation
    • Security performance
  • We implement all changes on a predefined schedule to avoid any potential impact on the network.

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