Configuration Recommendations and Best Practices

IT Infrastructure is prone to all manner of threats and attacks and one of the best ways to minimize the risks that might arise thereof is to ensure that all the important configurations are well maintained according to the industry’s best practices.

Configuration Management - Managed Security Service by Cloud24x7

Configuration of Security Solutions must not be considered as a “set and forget” matter which you can only revisit whenever there is a problem. When you wait for that to happen, you will always be late and you shall have predisposed your entire system to a myriad of risks. It is imperative to monitor the configuration and manage changes depending on the security environment and the ever changing needs of the organization.

We provide configuration management services, while observing all the best practices to ensure that your security solutions are operating just as expected. Our change management solution is ITIL driven to ensure the use of standardized methods and procedures for the effective handling of any scheduled changes. By following ITIL’s best practices will also mean that the risks of any negative impacts on the network caused by an ill-planned change management process are drastically minimized.

Features Offered by Configuration Management:

  • Configuration identification – We explore all the components of your managed security solution as well as your business requirements
  • Configuration change control – Involves the identification and maintenance of device configuration baselines as well as the identification and control of device access
  • Configuration status accounting – This is done so as to have a current record of all the changes effected on the configuration. This is also where we reflect the status of the configuration change.
  • Configuration reviewing – This is to ensure compliance with the best practices and to continued compliance with the regulatory requirements.

One important feature of having a secure network is to identify, control and report any changes to the configuration of the network at all times. For this reason, configuration management is now an integral part whenever referring to network compliance and we are here to help you get the best results.

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