Vulnerabilities refer to pathways or system gateways that cyber criminals can use to gain access to the network. When criminals realize the presence of such vulnerabilities in the network, they can exploit them and cause wanton damage to infrastructure, without mentioning the loss of crucial business data as well as network downtime.

Regulatory requirements and compliance rules stipulate that organizations need to conduct Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) at least annually as part of ensuring that their systems cannot be easily compromised. But rather than waiting to conduct the assessment once every year, it is prudent to do so regularly since there are a number of factors that can cause vulnerabilities in the network. For instance, changes to network’s configuration or software updates on the infrastructure can easily create weak points that criminals can use to gain access to the network if you wait for the annual VAPT.

With regular VAPT therefore, organizations tremendously reduce the chances of new vulnerabilities going unnoticed. In case there are any, it will take just a short time before they are discovered and eliminated from the network.

To help you achieve this, SOIT has a competent penetration test team with vast experience in analyzing and identifying threats that could potentially harm your information assets. Other than testing your network for vulnerabilities and penetrations, the team is also experienced in formulating remediation plans so that you are never caught flat-footed in the case of an attack.


Hybrid service which blends automated testing with security expert analysis for the best quality test coverage and to identify all possible attack vectors

Covers all OWASP Top 10, CVE / NVDB / SANS Top 20 vulnerabilities

Attack simulation, untraditional testing methodologies to simulate an attacker to discover security weakness

Security controls assessment to examine and assess various controls, technologies and procedures and identify points of failure

Vulnerability discovery and threat modelling to identify, quantify and rank vulnerabilities

PCI and ISO27001 compliance friendly reporting

Experts manually document details, descriptions, proof of concepts and references specific to your applications

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