Security Events Correlation and Analysis

Security professionals are faced with up to 17,000 security alerts on a weekly basis. This is a barrage of information that needs to be sifted so as to isolate the real threats from the imaginary threats.

We offer organizations a multi-way event correlation and analysis approach. This is a powerful solution that raises the bar in threat detection and dramatically improves the time between detection and response. What our solution offers you is a behavioral analytics crucial for identifying advanced threats without wasting any time.

Security Events Coorelation and Analysis - Managed Security Service by Cloud24x7

Many organizations and enterprises are fond of using the legacy SIEM solution for event correlation and analysis. Whereas SIEM suffices for most of the needs, we provide you with a behavioral analytics platform that will offer you a far more superior capabilities as far as event correlation and analysis is concerned. With our platform, you get the power to be able to analyze potential malicious insider activities, Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), zero-day attacks.




Benefits of our advanced events correlation and analysis

Our advanced event correlation and analysis is aimed at enhancing the threat detection and response, our system comes along with other benefits for your organization. These include but are not limited to the following:

Threat visibility – with active event correlation and analysis, networks have the ability to detect threats in real time and avert breaches that can potentially harm the organization.

Continuity in network safety vigilance – in addition to averting threats, event correlation and analysis ensure that there is continuous monitoring of the network at all times, hence providing continuity in the network vigilance.

Regular compliance reports – Industry standards as well as regulators demand constant monitoring of all IT infrastructures. With our event correlation and analysis system, it is possible to generate regular reports detailing the events and the alerts that might have been detected in the system as well as the detailed steps taken to prevent the risks.

Reduced time for management – Organizations that still rely on SIEM for even correlation and analysis tend to spend a lot of time since such SIEM is complex and time consuming. This is unlike our system that is not only time efficient, but also utilizes a few resources and is easy to work with.