Security Logs and Event Management

For any IT infrastructure, active security logs and events management is imperative in ensuring the overall health and safety of the infrastructure. It is out of this that the businesses will have the ability to detect anomalies in the network and take the necessary remediation steps. Otherwise, if the logs and events are ignored, the businesses risk lethal attacks from the constant threats they face on a daily basis.

Security Logs and Events Management by Cloud24x7

We offer businesses and corporations advanced security logs and event management systems to provide you with 24/7 monitoring of logs and events so as to avert threats and comply with the regulatory monitoring requirements. Our powerful security information and event management (SIEM) solution brings event, threat, and risk data together to provide strong security intelligence, seamless log management, and compliance reporting.

Being a managed security service provider, our logs and events management solutions are all cloud-based. In this manner, you can get real time threat detection capabilities from any location and at any time of the day. This not only enhances you chances of securing your networks and systems, but also makes you be in compliance with the industry standards as which require such services to be cloud-based.

With our platform therefore, executives and their security teams have the versatility to collect, monitor and manage logs and events as well network devices and firewalls remotely. This is the kind of versatility desired during the present times and the current business environment where a simple security lapse might lead to wanton damages for businesses.

Actions performed the logs and event management system

The following are some of the actions performed by our logs management system:

  • Collect real time threat information in a centralized database for ease of visibility
  • Classify the collected data using relevant security values as well as the context through which the data was extracted from the sources.
  • Analyze the data based on time, statistics as well as certain thresholds
  • Correlate the data in a bid to decipher the severity or the vulnerability it poses to the network
  • Send relevant notifications to the clients for their due consideration
  • Maintain an updated record of the responses right from the identification through to the close

To enable the system to satisfactorily perform the above functions, the security logs and events management system is equipped with advanced features such as real time log collection and active log monitoring, advanced analytics for threat detection, full retention of the collected logs, cross device correlation and Security Operation Centers (SOC).