Security Operation Center (SOC)

SOIT Security Operations Center (SOC) experts always stand between you and security threats that can affect your customer’s IT infrastructure. Our GEO located sensors collect data from your security devices into our comprehensive monitoring and correlation solution. On a 24x7x365 basis, our SOC team monitors and analyzes this data to illuminate your network’s dark side and keep a watchful eye on your enterprise security posture.

Security Operation Center (SOC) by Cloud24x7

Our Security Operation Center brings together cutting edge technology and skilled expertise in offering solutions for network security monitoring and management so that business owners and IT security experts no longer have to worry about constant threats to their businesses.

Through the solutions we offer, businesses and corporations have access to unexampled security monitoring and response processes support by strict service agreements for our clients networks.

SOIT SOC Offerings

Threat Intelligence

We provide SOC advanced analytical capabilities to identify and neutralize threats before they materialize. In order to achieve this, we make use of a number of technology and resources to have real time analysis of the potential threats to any network.

Vulnerability Management

With our SOC services, we have dedicated labs where we conduct comprehensive vulnerability discovery and risk analysis. Even though some of the processes are automated with our proprietary technology, we manually research and investigate vulnerability, threats, risk and their potential impact on your network. This is among some of the ways in which we ensure that our client networks are well secure against attacks.

Patch Management

Our approach to patch management features automated processes as well as manual testing in our labs. Depending on the level of severity, we can dispatch security patches to the field in real time or subject them to further testing in our labs to ascertain their operability and compatibility to client networks. In this manner, we are able to ensure secure networks for our clients without major interruption of business.

Configuration Management

Enterprises operating from multiple locations usually face a lot of difficulties when it comes to configuration management. Whereas most of the companies strive to achieve standard configuration across their entire networks, it is never possible to have perfectly similar configurations across board. We have unique solutions to help such enterprises achieve cutting edge configuration management across their all networks, irrespective of the size and locations.

Incident Response Management

Our incident response services ensures that you get expert help whenever you run into any form of incidents in your network. All you have to do is to get in touch with us and we will offer you with the requisite services to shield your network from further harm during incidences. These services assure you of protection during incidences such as suspected virus outbreak, network breach responses, forensic incidents, as well as requests by third parties for disclosures.