Security Patch and Upgrade Management

Security Patch and Upgrade Management

It is very common for the most critical security devices hotfix updates to go uninstalled for extended periods of time, or not be installed at all. Often the reasons are due to limited skilled staff and day-to-day judgment calls about what is more important; to either address an immediate need with a measurable business benefit or deploy the current set of software updates with their unknown and often un-quantified effect on security devices.

Security Patch and Upgrade Management - Service by Cloud24x7

Security patch in most cases is the first step towards enhancing IT security posture of your infrastructure. When done consistently and in the correct manner, vulnerabilities present in existing firmware or software will be eliminated, thus effectively securing the entire IT infrastructure and enhancing the operations of the security devices.

Our Security Patch and Upgrade Management Service keeps your security devices up-to-date and secure with:


Fast and accurate deployments

When security patches or updates are released by vendor, SOIT SOC team test all patches before they are deployed. We then utilize specialized, intelligent queries to identify security devices that require security fixes, then deploy approved patches.

ITIL based processes

Our service follows ITIL’s best practices and aligned with IT service management (ITSM) best-practice framework to ensure that standardized methods are used for the planning and applying patches or updates.

24x7x365 SOC

SOC experts of SOIT are available round the clock to provide end-to-end assistance during patch and upgrade management process.