SOIT BI Services

Business Intelligence: Transforming Data into Business Insights.

Business Intelligence (BI) leverages people, process and technology to transform data into actionable insights that inform organizations’ business decisions.

Data Virtualization.

We use Data virtualization to access, manage and deliver data without replicating it in a physical repository. Data virtualization is a data management management approach that integrates data from internal and external sources into a virtual data store without actually moving or copying the data from the source systems. It provides a single view for the customer approach that allows the retrieval and manipulation of data without requiring technical details about the data such as where it is stored and formatting. It is one of the technologies that enable Data-as-a-Service (DaaS). 

Benefits of Data Virtualization.

Ease of Use: Data is readily accessible to all consumers / end users as there is only one data source to access.

Reduced Costs: Reduced investment in infrastructure costs associated with managing disparate data sources.

Quicker Redeploy: Storage of data in its native format allows for quicker sharing to consumers for immediate use.

Infrastructure Agnostic: Lower operational costs associated with integrations across existing systems.

SOIT Approach.

Initial stage: We will conduct a high-level landscape review of your as-is BI ecosystem with a view to understanding your current systems, processes and infrastructure. The following artefacts are required from the client as part of this process:
– Data Strategy
– ERD schemas
– ETL documents
– Network diagram

A BI Landscape Review report is then submitted to the client after two weeks to provide a view of the as-is landscape including recommendations or a solution on the way forward.

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