SOIT NetSecure

Ensure a solid network security foundation

No matter how big or small your business is, you can’t function effectively without internetworking. As networks evolve daily, it’s challenging for IT teams to control all aspects of internetworks. 

Does your IT team analyse or document the security impact that the changes in configuration, the addition of new devices and the change in policies have on your network security? If not, your business network may be at risk and may not be in line with the best industry practices.

To ensure a solid network security foundation, you need an audited and secure perimeter. Evolving networks, including business partner connections, wireless technologies, policies and more, compromise the security of perimeter networks.

Simply auditing these networks is not enough. Your network also needs remediation to ensure that your perimeter is secure and adheres to industry compliances and best practices

Network security auditing and remediation service

NetSecure is a consultancy-led network security auditing and remediation service. SOIT ensures that your network is audited, secured and reported efficiently. Our services extend to all of your key network elements, including:

  • Web and email gateways
  • Access points
  • Next-generation Firewall
  • Urchin tracking module
  • Switches
  • Routers

SOIT provides a comprehensive auditing process to make sure that your network security elements are compliant with industry standards and completely secure. Our auditing process includes:

  • Complete security auditing
  • Review of security configuration
  • Ensuring configurations follow industry best practices
  • Security configuration simplification
  • Identifying policy violations that could allow security breaches
  • Finding any gaps in compliance

Once the auditing process is complete, our team will provide a comprehensive report that includes remediation recommendations

Our audit reports include:

  • Executive summary
  • Detailed information on your network configuration flaws
  • Remediation recommendations

Once we’ve provided a comprehensive report, our team will provide consultancy-led remediation to help you:

  • Understand configuration changes as well as how to prioritise them to ensure compliance
  • Ensure minimal network downtime, optimal security performance and an effective rollback strategy
  • Implement all changes on an established schedule to prevent any impact on your network

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