SOIT PhishNet

Protect your company against phishing attacks

Hackers aim to attack your employees. 

There are multiple security solutions designed to protect your company against phishing attacks. However, the weakest link in your security chain is your employees. 

There is no easy way to stop employees from filling in forms, giving out information and clicking links. Unfortunately, this can put your company at risk.

You need to ensure that sensitive data and company trade information remain private. But, these days, phishing techniques have become so sophisticated that even tech-savvy individuals can be persuaded to provide identifiable information, credit card details, passwords and more. This information can result in identity theft and financial loss.

Educating employees on how to prevent phishing scams

The best way to protect your company from phishing attacks is to continually educate employees on the danger of phishing and the value of the information they have access to.

SOIT’s PhishNet service is available to combat susceptibility to phishing attacks by means of:

  • Education
  • Reinforcement
  • Measurement
  • Assessments

Do you know how prepared your company is to face phishing attacks? We can help you find out. PhishNet provides fully controlled phishing simulations to test how vulnerable your company is.

PhishNet service includes the following:

  • Real-life scenarios and attack techniques, especially run by SOIT experts
    • Social engineering attacks
    • Business email compromise
    • Fraudulent communications
    • Malicious attachment and links
    • Electronic communications scams
  • Latest phishing tactics
    • Request personal information
    • Attachment download
    • Embedded links

SOIT offers comprehensive reporting on how employees respond to phishing attacks. PhishNet reporting includes the following:

  • Executive Summary
  • Campaign report overview, performance and comparison of various test campaigns
  • Assessment results of users who were part of the campaign, such as how many times each user viewed, clicked and opened attachments and submitted information
  • User Profiling by:
    • Operating system
    • Browser information
    • Enterprise versus non-enterprise network
  • Awareness Results
  • Periodic campaigns trend analysis

SOIT provides on-the-spot interactive phishing awareness training programs. If an employee clicks or opens an attachment, or submits any data during a mock phishing attack, we give then an on-the-spot interactive web-based training program which:

  • Helps them learn how to identify phishing emails
  • Provides advice on how to avoid any future phishing attacks

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