Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing


Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

We provide vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VAPT), ensuring your company complies with relevant industry standards. If your network has any vulnerabilities, such as system gateways or pathways, cybercriminals can use them to gain access to your network. As soon as criminals detect such vulnerabilities in your network, they can cause serious damage to your infrastructure. This can in turn result in network downtime and the loss of important business data. Detecting vulnerabilities in your network and taking corrective action is crucial for improving security. To ensure optimal security, SOIT provides VAPT services driven by human intelligence.

Regular VAPT to detect vulnerabilities

According to regulatory requirements and compliance rules, your company should conduct VAPT annually as part of ensuring that your systems are protected and unable to be easily compromised.  Various factors can cause vulnerabilities in your network. For example, software updates on or changes to your network’s configuration can create weak points that criminals can use to access your network. Therefore, rather get VAPT regularly than wait to conduct the assessment once a year. Regular VAPT will reduce the risk of new vulnerabilities going undetected. SOIT’s penetration test team is highly skilled in identifying and analysing threats that could harm your company’s valuable data assets. We are also ready to provide remediation plans so that you’re always prepared if an attack happens.

SOIT VAPT features

  • Covers the top security risks
  • Automated testing with expert analysis for quality test coverage.
  • Untraditional testing methods: we simulate an attacker to find any security vulnerabilities
  • Security controls assessment to identify any points of failure of controls, procedures and technologies
  • ISO27001 and PCI compliance-friendly reporting
  • Manual documentation of details, descriptions, reference and proof of concepts specific to your applications

The SOIT Penetration Process

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