Threat Intelligence

The cyber space is full of threats, hackers and criminals strive as much as they can to gain access into networks and systems purely for malicious reasons. Without constant monitoring and the distinct ability to decipher between real and imaginary threats, it would be very difficult for businesses and corporations to stay ahead of the cyber criminals. Threat intelligence thus makes it possible for the businesses and corporation to stay safe and free from most of the threats advanced against them on daily basis.

Threat Intelligence - Managed Security Service by Cloud24x7

We have in place the technology as well as a skilled team of security engineers and analyst, working day and night to provide enterprises with real time security event visibility in compliance with the industry standards. It is our desire to help businesses stay safe from daily threats that have the capability of grounding their entire operations.


We thus offer thorough monitoring of security devices and systems that can be primary targets to attacks. These include Firewall, UTM, Web/Email gateway and Proxy solutions.

Our threat intelligence and monitoring system offers a complete accountability to allow our clients have a view of the present as well as the past security threats and cases. In this manner, vigilance is ensured since any suspicious activity or event in the system will be easily detected and thwarted.

We provide you with a detailed cyber threat intelligence solution that will keep your entire infrastructure on the top always.

Key features of SOIT Threat Intelligence Service:

  • Real time reporting
  • Continuous log reviews
  • 24x7x365 monitoring of log events
  • 24x7x365 cyber threat monitoring
  • Analysis and reviews of monthly trends
  • Documents to show compliance industry and regulatory requirements