Lexzur Supports LEDES: The Industry’s Go-To for Billing & Invoicing! 

Lexzur now supports LEDES, The Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard, elevating Legal Billing & Invoicing to Industry Standards and empowering precision and transparency in Financial Management. 

About LEDES 

LEDES is the standard for electronic data exchange in the legal industry. It standardizes invoice file format to speed up and facilitate the exchange of billing and other information between corporations, law firms, and their clients. This provides a consistent, simple, and streamlined way for legal teams to understand the legal work associated with a particular invoice. 

In other words, LEDES defines all legal tasks, activities, and expenses as standardized codes, that are universally understood within the legal industry. As such, these codes make it easier to process, review, and approve invoices, and provide a clear, straightforward description of services. This makes billing extremely transparent and eliminates the need for lengthy explanations or complicated breakdowns on invoices.  

How it Works with Lexzur

  • Easy Setup: Simply enable LEDES in your Settings, and for the specified client, and you’re ready to generate LEDES-compliant invoices. 
  • Task and Expense Coding: Easily record Legal Tasks or Expenses by selecting from a standardized set of LEDES codes that define the nature of the task or expense, so it’s universally understood. 
  • Universal Compatibility: Because the invoices are LEDES-compliant, they can be easily read, processed, and approved by any client or system that also supports LEDES. 
  • Streamlined Approval and Payment: Clients can quickly review and approve your LEDES-formatted invoices, expediting the payment process and reducing the chance of disputes. 
  • Financial Tracking: Lexzur will keep track of all your LEDES-coded activities and expenses, making it easy to review financial data and performance metrics. 
  • Multiple LEDES Formats: Lexzur supports both LEDES 1998B for streamlined U.S. billing and LEDES 1998BI for comprehensive international invoicing, offering you maximum flexibility in managing your legal practice’s finances. 

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